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Nike recently created a new Suede series for hybrid shoes Roshe Cortez. As the name suggests, the series are used as the main material of suede shoes, in addition to the "University Red" seen earlier, including "Deep Forest Green" and "Game Royal" two pairs of color, are decorated with white leather Swoosh, and equipped with lightweight and comfortable Roshe NM shoe sole. Blue (No. 823298-401), red (No. 823298-601) and green (No. 823298-301) with white zhuangguo shoes, the overall style is retro. The series will be on shelves next week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes nonnative x New Balance MNL710 in Morocco "Dune" joint shoes Adidas Originals brings fresh feeling full light clear blue : a comment on the Morocco nonnative x New Balance MNL710 desert "Dune" branded shoes cheap jordan shoes for men next: adidas Originals fresh full light clear blue adidas and the Japanese fashion brand Kolor cooperation agreement on the highly acclaimed series, before. Kasina, the well-known South Korean street shops and sports brand Reebok to create a 25th anniversary commemorative version of classic basketball shoes Pump. With the launch of the first half of the Instapump Fury 20th anniversary anniversary version is different, the cooperation of both sides to choose light color tone, and the light grey suede with Kasina logo imitation Snake Print Leather of a shoe body material, with the green fluorescent rubber decorative details uppers, the iconic brand equipped with bottom in the present. In addition, around the two heels also embroidered " 1989" and " 1997" the words, respectively, symbolizing the birth of Pump and Kasina years. - - - - - - - - - - - based on the reproduction of the situation - - - - - - - - - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- the rise of Asian male models, thousands of Zhang Liang stand up, Jason Markk has a strong rival! 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Nike Air Max 90 Deluxe new color design, "Infrared Safari" Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max new color matching comments on last article: Nike Air Max 90 Deluxe new color design "Infrared Safari" next article: Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max new color matching in addition to SHARK HOODIE, the Japanese street brand A Bathing Ape also brings luminous elements to new 〉!Last year, media reports, the CEO of the world's second-largest sporting goods group Adidas Herbert & middot; Heiner German media that, due to high inflation and rising Chinese wages, the company hopes to partially withdraw out of China, transferred to labor more expensive areas. But after a few months, Adidas responded to more than rumors, said it would continue to regard China as an important producer, the absolute value of production will not fall, "We have no plans to evacuate the factory in China" "China will continue to be the most important production base for Adidas." and "de-China" Conversely, Adidas rely increasingly on the Chinese market. The company last year's third quarter results, the global economic downturn, North America revenue declined 17% at the worst moment, the first th Retro jordans for sale ree quarters increased by 16% Adidas sales in the Asian market, reached 1.875 billion euros, one stroke ahead of North America, second only to Europe The second largest market. In the Asian market, China important for adidas, China is becoming the manufacturing plant to strategic markets. "de-China"? In fact, Adidas foundry transfer rumors for a long time, but the company also clarified in response to frequent. Currently, Adidas in China has 264 manufacturing plant, approximately 55% of the products manufactured in China. 2007 Adidas purchase in the Chinese market the 201 million pairs of shoes, accounting for 49% of total global sourcing; 252 million sets of clothing, accounting for 32% of the total; 39 million sets of parts, accounting for 65% of the total. From this, the importance of Adidas in China is self-evident. But the company does face the pressure of rising costs in China: rising energy costs, strict environmental policy, is no longer favorable tax policy, lack of skilled workers and exchange rate issues. Therefore, "the proportion of Chinese in the world's total production capacity will be reduced accounts", but "the absolute numbers must be increasing." The Southeast Asian manufacturing to rise is not easy. Since the production, management can not keep up, leading to high cost and low product cheap foamposites ivity, Adidas footwear IMC foundry plant in India in 2007 a loss of $ 800 million. In addition, Korea is located in Qingdao, a foundry Adi had moved to Vietnam, but recently has moved back to Inner Mongolia, China. In this regard, the industry believes that, due to the Chinese footwear industry is the result of years of accumulation was developed into its present size in the production technology, the quality of workers and supporting aspects than Vietnam, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries strong, so many Benefit foundry in Southeast Asia far less than China. "Currently, the foundry factories in Southeast Asia, mainly to meet the needs of customers around the layout, there is a circumvention of anti-dumping duties." However, these failures may be only Adidas foundry transfer episode on the road only. Over the past few decades, Adidas global sourcing strategy is the pursuit of cost advantage, the 1970s, the production base Adidas moved from Europe to Japan, South Korea, 1980 to enter China Taiwan, and mainland China began to shift in the 1990s . "future manufacturing base will be transferred to Southeast Asia, is now at least some of the new capacity will be transferred." A study of Adidas, analysts say. However, industry analysts, the transfer in a year or two is difficult to amount to anything. G Retro jordans for sale iven the huge Chinese manufacturing's share of the proportion of the current Adidas product, unless it is an emergency situation, Adi can not be quickly transferred out of the order, only slowly shift. Among these, China's production capacity may also be increased, "for example, which added 10 percent capacity, it might give China added 2%, 8% of the entire South-East Asia the new transfer process may take 8 - 10 years time. " China gradually clear market positioning manufacturing plant gradually faded aura, it does not mean that decline in China's position in the hearts of Adidas. On the contrary, "The Chinese market is very important for adidas, and the future will be more and more important." Bi Po-yuan, vice president of Adidas Greater China market said. a series of numbers to determine Bi Po-yuan were annotated. According to statistics, over the past five years, China's sporting goods market with an average annual growth rate of 30 percent, Adidas apparently also shared a feast of this growth. Adidas last November 6 announced 2008 third quarter results, in promoting China's strong sales growth in the first three quarters of adidas sales increased 16 percent in Asia, while Excluding the negative impact of exchange rates, the figure It will be 23%. Quarterly Bulletin revealed that three quarters of 2008, Cheap air jordan 12 ovo Adidas global sales revenue of 8.225 billion euros, an increase of 4%. Among them, the European sales of 3.776 billion euros, an increase of 9%; North American sales revenue 1.871 billion euros, down 17%; at the same time, sales in Asia and Latin America grew by 16 percent and 34 percent to 1.875 billion euros and 647 million euros. Asia has more than North America, to become the second largest market for Adidas. This is the result of growth in the Asian market for years. According to statistics, over the past 10 years, adidas sales in Asia, with an average of nearly 20% of the rate of growth, the proportion of total global sales rose 8% from 1998 to 2007 of 22%, until this year, one stroke ahead of North America market share. In contrast, the North American market since 2000, sales revenue decline appears multiple times, especially since the first quarter of last year, repeatedly fell more than 15 percent. Although not disclose specific figures of the Chinese market report, but it is certain that China's growth in the Asian market Adi contribution. Adidas CEO Hainer worldwide last year at the global conference call on November 7, said: "The first three quarters of this year, Adidas sales revenue in China grew by more than 50%." The company said 2008 sales revenue will exceed the Chinese market $ 1 billion. cheap jordans online "According to the current state of development, Adidas's sales in China in 2010 to reach 1 billion euros of scale." Heiner said. In order to achieve this goal, Adidas has increased the intensity of the Chinese market. "Our more than 4,000 stores covering more than 450 cities in China." Bi Po-yuan said. In addition, the world's largest Adidas Brand Center has been settled in Beijing and Shanghai established a design center in Asia, and in the end near Beijing Olympic Games, the company is 1.3 billion yuan to pay the price to become sponsors. Adidas appetite in the Chinese market is quite substantial. "We are planning, by the end of 2008 China will be the number of stores increased to 5900, 2010 to 7200." Heiner ambitious. Adidas eyes, the identity of Chinese strategic market is gradually is the 2016-17 NBA season regular season last day, then we have to prepare for the next stage of the playoffs battle, Nike at this time for its endorsement four players boots to launch the "Flip the Switch" theme color, gradient colors and design around Nike Swoosh Logo rupture, like the ultimate goal of the playoffs - high strength competition and help players championship, this series will be scheduled in May 5th at Nike designated shops Taiwan debut, as we will update the news publicly listed on the report to you. cheap jordans for sale mens Nike LeBron 14The performance of LeBron 14 is the design of explosive force is LeBron very James style and the classic black, white and red showing the show, fighting spirit. is not just a personal goal, but Kevin Durant is also eager to win the championship again for the Jinzhou warriors, so the KD9 Elite uses the "grey master vision" with gold details, and expects to be gilded this year. Nike Kyrie 3 last year's championship seventh key battle Kyrie Irving countdown stage three pointers, to help the team for the first time to taste the taste of champions this year, he is also ready to once again rushed to the top, blue purple Kyrie 3 is like his offensive skills gorgeous magic. Nike PG1 since it was published in January, PG1 either at the stadium or field has a good evaluation and discussion of the volume, the Pacers have been identified earlier to win the playoff game, with the Paul George PG1 will continue to campaign. source: NikePUMA, one of PUMA's most notable 2017 SELECT, has maintained its consistently unlimited tone, inviting renowned designers and street tide brands from around the world to join the ranks. This summer, PUMA SELECT in addition to the continuation of the design and the London, Holland elegant bloom Diablo TRAPSTAR CAREAUX, the west coast of the United States Index Street brand S Cheap air jordans for sale TAMPD cooperation, also invited three other highly topical brand cooperation, including with the New York classic fashion brand STAPLE together design exclusive on PUMA NTRVL series, and with African elements turn play the classic design of DAILY PAPER, SESAME STREET and other childlike eruption, showing six distinct PUMA SELECT style. PUMA SELECT first appeared in 2017, is a joint series of cooperation with STAMPD. STAMPD founder Chris Stamp has always maintained its beloved black gray tone, with the collocation of different material tailoring simple low-key stitching ingenuity, minimalist avant-garde style shows its unique, let STAMPD become an integral part of many fashion fans of a single product. PUMA x STAMPD spring and summer series continues with its brand classic tone as the base, a bold challenge more complex with different materials, with concept of "96 hours" as a source of inspiration, in addition to the architectural elements into the design, the famous coast of South California and the west coast of the United States to become the exclusive STAMPD lines, the waves of camouflage totem, with smooth lines and outlines the modern sense of the street full of evolutionary trajectory, STAMPD integration of the city with the attitude of the nomadic style whims of surfers, designed from the city to the beach cheap jordans for sale , from morning to night, seven days a week to wear shoes, casual vests, underwear, T-shirts and other female sports waterproof windbreaker... And a full range of single products, through STAMPD unique brand style, to create "Made to make it" avant-garde fashion attitude. more PUMA SELECT 2017 spring and summer series of new products will be on sale, consumers in the following PUMA SELECT designated outlets to buy more goods information please contact: (02) 8751-5160. PUMA - a museum / Taipei City Xinguang Nanxi Nanjing West Road No. 12 Building 2 / 02-2562-3785 Taipei breeze faith countersatmos shop to pay tribute to the toy unit of Secret Base, the 1984 film "Ghostbusters", by PUMA Suede for the type of shoes, into the classic elements of the film, the tongue of the ghosts obviously team logo printed on STAY PUFT shoes (cotton candy baby) "as the major events like to remind people that the inner and outer sides of Formstripe in red, green and white, reminiscent of mucus and ghosts heel beam, black and yellow stripes are ghosts (Ghost Trap) is the appearance of features, the STAY PUFT Secret Base image into insole design and transparent under the big, half section with rounded way the outline is not only one of the interesting design in the doll skills, more representative works of Base Secret. atmos x Secret Base x PUMA Suede 'Ghostbusters' has been sold on the official website of atmos, because of the included STAY PUFT doll and the price is different, the general version priced 24000 yen, the special edition is 30000 yen, have on prices are not including tax, Secret Base STAY PUFT the work itself is high the value of the collection, now it can also start joint shoes and dolls, detailed information can be sold to the atmos website. source: HYPEBEAST / atmosAir Jordan 1 whenever there is always more color let you choose the launch, for you to bring will be launched next year? Air Jordan 1 Mid new color news, compared to Old School the color of these two next year launch of the color with very heavy tide flu, although a big blue one but the whole of rhubarb color collocation can feel how the Jordan Brand for color is quite good, if you have the opportunity to also like to see a team of 76 people and the pistons and Lakers players are the two pairs of color, this color will launch two pairs of equivalent current in the spring of next year, please continue to look forward to the follow-up details the. source: sneakernews?The launch of the new Nike Free Train Force Flyknit training shoes, uppers using Flyknit collocation knitting technology of dynamic Flywire, improve coverage and to give a strong bracing force, lightweight materials to reduce training additional burden, outsole for Free cutting type structure, friction triangle star shoe lines provide different desired direction and flexibility some blocks, using high carbon plastic, prolong the life and safety of sock shoe collar is recent common design, can improve the shoes and ankle links during exercise pace more smoothly. Nike Free Train Force Flyknit is not yet available for an exact date of release. source: for the height of 6 feet 8 inches, 250 pound LeBron James, so the tank body reminiscent of if he headed the football field development would be the case, and he himself was in high school specializing in external role players, and once said his first love is American football although, he eventually chose to basketball, but football is still very keen, whether shooting ads or attended the match can show his love of this movement, Nike as inspiration launched this' What If? 'color, color inspiration from LeBron if James chose football, and he previously NFL has said publicly that his Dallas Cowboys diehard fans, the overall color like cowboys bright silver and blue collocation helmet, the' What If 'is expected to double in 3 color It is on sale on 14 th. news source: sneakernews popular in the field of Nike? LeBron Ambassador V has launched the new color if the orange color is gray, compared with the past low-key introverted, want to pick up a pair of functional shoes this double star endorsement is absolutely a great ambassador, fly line shoe body plus rapid response the air cushion configuration and durable shoe body is quite suitable for Asian style design, the color of Taiwan haven't listed news love friends please pay close attention to offering more information. source: sneakernews? since Adidas published on official Twitter, full of Boost photos, and "Extreme Energy coming" words, let Xiaobian wait for the release of this amazing energy day. When issued after the shoes for always full of curiosity and doubt, HYPEBEAST interviewed Adidas global creative director James Carnes, the small surprise is that this is mainly through Prototype and Mock Up Pure Bost to build a prototype design, until all reaching bottom set before using the design drawings, also create a lot of prototype sample. at the same time in the design of not using the traditional EVA midsole and insole, sole in direct contact with the Boost material, and the shock response is more distinct, following last year's first work after the advent of Boost and Energy is looking forward to a big, full interview can refer to the HYPEBEAST website.The item: 555088-123 release date: May 24th related information: